genius hour blog week like 4

Schizophrenia is said to be one of the most complex and fascinating diseases known to man. There are many different symptoms and ways it effects people. Most people with schizophrenia see humans and animals and made up creatures. It often effects teenagers and young adults. One case a little girl who was about 12 saw and heard things that would be humans and animals. She called most of the things she saw by numbers like 80 or seven. She would always try to harm her younger brother who was only 1 so her dad and her younger brother sleep a different apartment but in the same building to protect the baby. The girl would often yell and scream and hit her parents when they wouldn’t let her hurt the baby. Even when she was a baby they knew something was off. They took videos of her seeing things that weren’t there. Her big baby eyes would be looking somewhere that seemed far away. Another case of a girl that was 14 was always screaming at her parents and telling them that she wasn’t alone and that she was never alone. Her sister had this as well and tried to kill herself when she was only 6 and her younger sister when she was 10. The voices in these victims heads tell them to jump off buildings, hurt others, and just be violent in general.  Not all people are effected this way and might react differently to the voices. No case is the same. There are about 7 thought to be causes which include environmental factors, genetics, and brain chemistry.

Week Three Genius Hour

I have found out that the cause of schizophrenia is unclear but is usually hereditary. Other than that research there is no known cause for this mental illness. I started my website and I don’t really understand how to work it but ill figure it out. I am not good at using the website thing. I have not gotten a lot of new research done but I will. I want to make a better project than normal projects. I maybe want to make a diagram or something. I want to make it an interactive project. I might make a kahoot after a power point. I want people to want to pay attention even though it might not be what they want to learn about. I need to find a way to present my topic in a fun and intriguing way.  I still have a lot of research to do since my topic change. I want to know if they have foundations for schizophrenia and if people can do things to help with research. I have yet to find out if there is a medication to make the symptoms subside. 1% of the population will develop schizophrenia. This is equal to 2.2 million Americans.

Week two blog

I had to change my genius hour topic. I have narrowed the search to schizophrenia instead of just mental illnesses. I chose schizophrenia because my great aunt had it and there is a history of mental illness in my family. This explains why I am crazy. Schizophrenia makes you see and hear and feel things that are not actually there in real life. It can affect all ages and races and genders. We had to make a website and I made it on weebly. I am really interested in this topic. There are many different levels of severity of this. Some have hallucinations so bad that they feel physical pain. I want to know many things about this topic. Is it hereditary? What causes it? Can you manage it? Are there high functioning people with schizophrenia? What all happens when you have schizophrenia? Is there an early detection process? Are there pills you take to make it better? Is it curable? Aside from my website I am going to make a slideshow and maybe a paper. I want the slide show to be at least 10 slides and the paper needs to be at least a page long. I have high hopes for this topic.

College    I was absent yesterday so I didn’t go to a college but last year trio took us to Iowa state and it was really fun. We went to Iowa state twice. Once in the summer and once in the school year. Both times we learned different things. They have a big variety of majors and classes and more importantly food. They have really good food. They clock tower they have plays music every hour instead of having a bell like a normal bell tower which I think is really good. They have a really nice library with a whole lot of resources. In one of the buildings they have a seal that if you step on it, you will fail your next test. My instructor went there and her freshman year she heard about it and stepped on it forgetting the legend and she failed her next test. She never stepped on it again. There are multiple stories like hers proving this legend to be true. It might just be your mind playing you though. You never know. Iowa state has a good sports program as well. They have an indoor football field to practice on which is pretty cool. They also have a nice weight lifting facility.

Genius Hour

I have decided to focus on mental illness for my genius hour project. Mental illness is an extremely overlooked health issue. Can mental illness be treated/cured? How do they even happen? This topic is important to me because I have family that suffered from mental illness like bipolar, depression, and schizophrenia. Some of my goals include learning about how mental illnesses effect the brain, if there are categories for mental illnesses, if they are treatable or curable or neither, if there are research funds happening and if not why, and how you can make sure your brain is safe. What classifies things as a mental illness. Are you depressed or just sad? How do you tell the difference? These are all things I want to know and learn about. There are a lot of other questions that will probably surface during research. Maddie and I will find out these things.

Spring Break

For spring break I went to Washington. The bus ride was 22 hours and it was horrible. I couldn’t sleep at all because it was so uncomfortable.  When we got there we went straight into tours. I was so tired and everyone was really grouchy. The Capital building was the first place we toured and the security was really extensive and the police were carrying big guns like in a video game. Also sitting down in the capital is a form of protest thus being against the law unless you have a permit for protest. The capital building is just now done being fixed. 1 square inch takes 5 hours to fix.  The cherry blossoms were my absolutely favorite part of DC. They were in full bloom and smelled amazing. The national cathedral was beautiful and the windows were pretty. The cathedral was so tall and the only reason it is called a cathedral is because it has a cathedra and that is a chair.  The Washington monument is 555 feet and 5 1/8 inches tall. The view is super pretty and I wish i could have stayed up there forever. I am glad I am home though because there was a lot of dumb drama. I hope everyone had a good spring break. IMG_1863

Blog 6

Her post was about kindess and how kind things that she has done has benifited her. I completely agree with that becuase you do not see a lot of people go out of their way to be kind these days and if people were kinder in how they act and talk I feel like our world would be much safer.

Sydney’s blog


Her post was about the fear of missing out when you unplug. She said she was not afraid of it but I am. I am afraid that Ill miss out on gossip which I know is superficial but its good to be in the know. I am also scared that someone will say something about me and Ill be the last to know. Society has made technology a nessecity to people but teens esspecially.

Kaylees blog


Her post was about not doing drugs. I completely agree. Today kids are way to focused on being cool ad they think that drugs and hookah pens are cool and they are most definetly not. They think that hookah pens are safe because they are just water but you dont know what the person who makes the oil put in it and it is a gateway to bigger drugs like weed and others.  Also 1 hour of smoking hookah effects you and your lungs the same way as smoking 100 ciggarettes.


Her blog was about tips to self confidence and one of the pointers was to make eyecontact when you r talking to someone and I think that eye contact is very important as well. To may teens these days forget about manners and how to talk to another person with respect. Not making eye contact makes the other person think that you have better things to do than talk to them and that is very disrespectful.


Her blog was about her great aunt Nessie and her story. It explained how Nessie’s mother excaped to america and had to make a living to bring the rest of the family over. This shows how hard things were back then. Teens these days take little things for granted. If they had some of the things back then as we do today they would have worshiped them.


Her blog was about how her dad left when she was 3. I cant imagine not having my dad around. My dad settles me and my moms little tiffs. Hes there when Im sad and makes me laugh. He proud of pretty much everything I do. He makes sure I am safe and happy and I will never take him for granted.


Their blog was about pizza burgers. I though my mom was like the only person who know what those were or how to make them. They are seriously so delicious.


Her blog is about her passion for the cello and how it made her feel and I have that with piano. When I play piano everything around me vanishes and I just feel the music. All my concentration is on my hands and the sound of the notes.

Ramen noodles

Photo by Hanako
Photo by Hanako

According to in 1958 instant ramen noodles were made in japan. and were givin the chinese name origin “ramen”.  People eat ramen noodles a lot. Maddie Adams eats ramen noodles everytime she comes to my house. They help a lot when you dont have time to make a real dinner or are to lazy too. My brother ate ramen noodles a lot in college.  Ramen noodles are like the staple food for college because they are small, affordable, and filling. Some people have told me that there is wax in them but that doesnt stop me from buying them.  Ramen noodles have many different flavors and styles that you can buy them in. They have the box. the cup,  and the package that you have to boil. The flavors include chicken, beef, and shrimp.  I only like the chicken kind. My mom buys a box of the package kind to last me a week. I eat them a lot because they taste really good. I am glad that Japan make ramen noodles. They make my dinner fast and easy to make.  I eat them a lot esspecially when i’m sick and lazy, which I am a lot. When we played the Scoot, one of the questions what is your favorite meal I put Ramen Noodles. Whenever I eat Ramen Noodles I always have an Arizona Green Tea with them. Ramen Noodles are my favorite food. Go ramen noodles!

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

By  Sydney Karr
By Sydney Karr


Maddie Adams is my best friend. We met in fifth grade when we wore the same dress on the chior concert day. We were ¨lady bug twins¨ Ever since this past summer and volleyball started it brought us closer and closer each week. We already have so many stories to tell. She is always there for me and gives really good advice. She is trustworthy and tells me everything even if it might be hard to hear.  She is like my sister. I am so grateful for having her in my life. Maddie always makes me laugh and I hope we stay friends so when were 30 we can listen to that one song with our squad. Thanks for always being there for me! The biggest different between a friend and a best friend is that a friend knows all your stories but a best friend lives them with you.

Raise Your Voice

I’ve experienced first hand how a suicidal teen acts like. My friend was suicidal and had been self harming since she was 9 years of age. She was bullied in her home town and moved to fort dodge after she couldn’t take it any longer. She was bullied because she was short and quite skinny. As a child she had been diagnosed with junior arthritis and in turn had stunted her growth majorly.  She also dyed her hair a lot and had gauges. People made fun of her because she was different which should be praised not frowned upon. After moving here she still got bullied for the way she looked and the scars and fresh burns and scars on her wrists. I met her in school and we clicked instantly despite how different we were from each other. I became like family to her family and her to mine. I spent a lot of time at her house. One night in the summer when she thought I was sleeping she went into her bathroom and start cutting. I got up to see what she was doing and caught her trying to slit her wrist open. I immediately got her mother and we raced to the hospital. After that night we kept a close eye on her until things got better. That night showed me how real depression is and how it effects a person in many different ways.  8 out of every 100 teens suffer from depression and one is too many if you ask me. In today’s society social media has brought an end to kindness because instead of being mean to someone’s face it allows people to be unkind anonymously without consequence. Always be kind to one another so that people don’t end up killing themselves or hurting themselves because of your incompetence and inner hatred that causes you to bully that person.