challenge: activity 1

I am a little nicer online than I am in realife because you can really tell emotions through words on a computer screen unless they are clearly stated. Even if the emotions are stated there is always a possibilty that the person stating the emotions could be using sarcasm and you wouldn´t know because you can´t hear their voice. I am also very outgoing in real life and also on social media.

2 thoughts on “challenge: activity 1

  1. It is so easy to take things the wrong way online. A lot of communication is nonverbal, so that doesn’t come across online. Good point.

  2. Hi Sydney,
    I find that although I love communicating online I do struggle with getting my actually emotions and opinions expressed through my words. As you stated it is hard to distinguish the difference between anger, sarcasm and excitement. I enjoyed reading your post because you clearly stated what the pros and cons of communicating online where. Maybe that’s why emoticons were invented! To distinguish between different emotions using animated faces.

    Happy blogging!

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